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Customers who whom fits Adlooker's solution

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3D Object Ad for your game

Use 3D Object Ad for presenting a products in with 3D model. They can be both non animated and animated ones with audio streaming telling the story of product.

The solutions of 3D Object Ad usage can be as much as you can think of. Use immersive AR ads for users to determine how products are looking in the real life.

E-commerce industry can use 3D Object Ad immersiveness and benefits from it in maximum way, allowing end user to see and feel the product itself.

The object is draggable. Move it to feel immersiveness.

360 Video Ad for your Brand

With usage of 360 Video Ads you can present your product more realistic and immersive to a user and sell your product or brand. The Ad can gain twice more engagement and 10x more CTR and make a user love the ad.


Video Completion Rate


Uplift in CTR

Gain more traction to your brand with Adlooker

Use Adlooker and its VR & AR ads for providing the most immersive way of advertisement in the market. Have the innovation to change the way the advertisement is served in the market. More benefit your clients more benefit for you.

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