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Adlooker VR & AR ADS for White Label Solution

Adlooker provides with most innovative ads that exists in the market for Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality.

Adlooker SIMPLE BRANDING for White Label Solution

With Adlooker tools easily brand your ad network with your logo, colors and even branded emails.

Adlooker full transparency for White Label Solution

Adlooker provides full transparency to ad flow with deep analysis tools. Get data for your traffic which needed to manage the your business.

Adlooker custom features for White Label Solution

You can request custom development of features for your solution which can enable and in-force your ad network.


Self Served Platform

Provide both Advertisers and Publishers with Self Served accounts for efficient media selling and buying. Platform has all tools for creating campaigns, ad spaces, managing them, adding micro marketing filters, adding payments to portal and checking reportings.

Admin Panel

Manage your white labeled ad network, add roles and permissions to your admins, have check of your advertisers and publishers. Management is a power of driving your business to right way. We provide you with this functionality to gain the market and make revenue.

Branded SDK's

Adlooker white label provides you with VR & AR ad SDK for main supported platforms for mobile applications and games. Our SDKs supports Unity 3D, Android and IOS platforms.

Powerful analytics

Dive into the big data, have analysis of traffic, costs and incomes of portal with micro filtering options. The power of Adlooker's white label analysis tools give you strong insight for providing 100% fill rate for your publishers and advertisers.

Ad Exchanges

Adlooker's Ad Exchanges integration provides an opportunity for integrating your white labeled ad network to partner ad networks from across the world. We support the most famous ad exchanges in the market to use them with RTB integration.

Branded Mobile Application

As a extension to Self Served Platform Adlooker provides Branded Mobile Application for your Advertisers and Publishers. Have your branded app in their phones.

Gain more traction to your brand with Adlooker

Use Adlooker and its VR & AR ads for providing the most immersive way of advertisement in the market. Have the innovation to change the way the advertisement is served in the market. More benefit your clients more benefit for you.

Request a demo so we can present you how the system is working and how you can use it.

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